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Indie Wed Chicago 2013 Highlights

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We had a wonderful time at Indie Wed on Saturday, and were inspired hearing all of the creative plans couples are making for their 2013 and 2014 weddings.  Indie Wed is THE event for couples looking for unique wedding ideas and professionals, and we were honored to participate. Thanks to everyone who came by our booth to say hello, and also a big thanks to our associates Amanda and Kevin for doing such a wonderful job.  We are so fortunate to have such wonderful people, couples and professionals, to make our world go round.

Here are some of our favorite highlights from Indie Wed.  There are also lots more pictures on our facebook page.

Wedding Creativo associates and ambassadors of awesome, Kevin and Amanda

Indie Wed welcome sign

Dame Couture vintage inspired wedding dresses

The "Belles and Gents" lounge on the third floor, presented by Sine Qua Non Events

The chocolate cigar gal rounds the lounge, furnished by Aged Vintage Rentals

Those cigars were a delectable sweet and salty treat by Truffle Truffle

I think we have a crush on food truck wonder Puffs of Doom

Tablescapes unique decor rentals are always a delight

Brides and bridesmaids, can we please see some Mohop shoes on your feet? Folks in Chicago make these kicks!

The Caterist, a new catering company based in Evanston, was in the booth next to ours. They saw us drooling, had mercy on us, and gave us some treats. They were quite tasty and we were impressed!

We liked this band called We, Unity Candle. They were fun, but as serious audiophiles we were mostly impressed with their abilities to manage quality live sound while rocking the house. We see a lot of bands that mistake loud distorted volume for rocking, and these guys did NOT do that, bravo!

Tweedle Press drew a crowd with their chimerical designs and environmentally sustainable paper goods

Endearing accessories and fabric flowers headpieces on display by Clark & Diversey

A great pairing of professionals, the always sophisticated Sarah Drake Design with Pistil & Vine Floral Design

MarEva's custom designed jewelry and brooch bouquets caught our eye. We were easily lured in by so many beautiful shiny sparkly things.

Iris and Blush for Spring Save The Dates

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Inspired by blush and pastel colors of spring, this two-sided Save-the-Date postcard with pink and cream iris flowers is a great way to set the tone for a romantic spring wedding.  Wedding Creativo offers customized Save-the-Date cards with select engagement packages, or anyone may order custom designed cards from us by request.  For more information please contact Sarah at

Wedding Creativo featured in CSW

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For the recently engaged, or if you know someone who is planning a wedding in Chicago, we recommend picking up a copy of Chicago Style Weddings magazine.  The magazine is desinged to follow a typical flow for  wedding planning, and especially helpful is the month-by-month chart to keep on track with planning tasks.  Wedding Creativo is also honored to be featured in a couple of articles about photography trends and tips.  January/February 2013 issue is hot off the presses, so check a magazine rack at a store near you to pick up a copy.  Happy planning!

New Rustic Frames Collection added in Creativo Couture

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Just in time for the holidays, we have added a new collection of Rustic Frames!

See all of our current framing options here. Did you know we have an entire separate website dedicated to all of our products and custom services such as photo cards, albums, canvas and framed prints? Yes, see sample photos and descriptions at Creativo Couture.  Were you not a wedding or portrait client of ours (meaning, we were not your photographer) or do you have a personal or vintage family photo you want to work with? No problem, we offer custom services to anyone, just send us an email to find out more about what we can do for you.

Chicago private venue for holiday parties - Creativo Loft

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This Thanksgiving holiday we are grateful for all of our wonderful clients we have been fortunate to work with for over two decades, and in 2012, we are thrilled that our new studio loft expansion has led us to even more wonderful folks.  We wish everyone a wonderful holiday season, and hope some may be inspired to consider Creativo Loft for their holiday season celebration plans!


Sarah & Giorgio

Wedding Creativo Wedding Polaroids

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When I set up our Polaroid cameras and props at Annmarie and Kirk's wedding, I literally had FIVE SECONDS to take a picture of the table before all the kids attacked! Which is proof positive that instant cameras = instant hit at weddings, especially with kids.  It is fun to see the "wow" look on the faces of children when the print comes out of the camera, and also adults who remember using Polaroid cameras from back in the day.

We offer our collection of Polaroid cameras as a fun reception activity as an optional add on to our regular wedding photography coverage. 

© Wedding Creativo Photography

Premium Custom Wedding Albums Set : Flourish Embossed Black Leather

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Michelle and Steve's wedding combined modern and classic elegance, and the wedding album set we designed for them represented their style.  They selected a beautiful embossed leather cover for all three of their albums premium flush mount albums.  At Wedding Creativo Photography, we offer couples AND their parents premium quality album options.  The album may have all matching covers, such as this set, or different unique covers may be selected for parents albums as well.  See more of our custom designed professional wedding albums at in our Albums portfolio gallery.

Are your wedding photos still hiding on your computer or DVDs? If you are interested in our professional wedding albums services, please email us for more information.  It is okay if we did not photograph your wedding.  We also accept "outside" orders if you own high-resolution files, and your photographer granted you reproduction rights or copyright release with your files, which is fairly common, especially if your photographer did not offer any album or printing services. Email Sarah at Wedding Creativo with any questions, we are happy to help.

Revolutionizing Chicago Elopements

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In the last couple of years we've been working with more couples having weekday elopements.  Inspired by these couples, we're trying different ideas to blow away the old stereotype of "courthouse" weddings and elopements, and revolutionize this whole concept.  These kinds of weddings are not for everyone, but for those who do, we have been working on making the experience a lot more special, creative and fun.  We had a blast recently with Susan and Joseph, and this sweet ride, the Italian Fiat 500!

We'll post more from this elopement soon, but we just love this shot, and it epitomizes our quest at Wedding Creativo Photography to inspire couples who are eloping to think outside-the-box and beyond the City Hall basement court office....and have a lot more fun!

In addition to covering traditional marriage court weekday weddings, we have developed our own elopement packages that include photography and an officiant, as well as creative elopement planning.  Interested? Email us for more info.

Custom Thank You cards with bicycle theme

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Newlyweds Michelle and Mathew asked us to create custom photo "Thank You" cards to send to their guests after the wedding.  We were excited to incorporate their spring blush and purple colors and bicycle wedding theme. As a full-service photography studio, we offer custom designed cards and save-the-dates, which can also be included in a package or ordered separately from wedding photography. 

We were thrilled to also be a recipient in their wedding thank-yous too!

© Wedding Creativo Photography

Mother and Bride framed prints for Mothers Day

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Mother's Day is almost here! We suggest framing a special moment between mom and daughter as a lovely gift idea.  Candid and emotional moments are a nice complement to any home or office, and can add some variety to wall displays that may have more traditional posed portraits.  Mix it up with some spontaneous moments and formal portraits!

Wedding Creativo offers a wide selection of frames with our Creativo Couture services, including custom framing like the samples shown below.

By the way, congratulations to several of the brides shown here who are now new moms!

© Wedding Creativo Photography

Creativo Loft small wedding venue in Chicago

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Over the winter we moved our photo studio to a larger 3000 s.f. private loft space in our building.  We are super excited about this expansion, and have started accepting bookings for small weddings, civil unions, private parties, corporate events and other intimate gatherings. 

We're calling our new space Creativo Loft, and recently did a little photo shoot for our website

Here are a few pictues from a recent photo shoot for our new space, including a few extras featuring some of our in-house decor items.

Garfield Park Conservatory suffers major hail damage

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The violent hail storm that passed through the Chicago area on July 1 caused major damage to the city's historic Garfield Park Conservatory, as reported in this video from FOX News Chicago.

A Chicago Sun-Times report provides more details about the damage as well as information from a Chicago Park District spokesperson who said that weddings will go on as scheduled and will take place in areas of the conservatory that were not damaged by the storm.

Not only is the conservatory a Chicago landmark beloved among nature lovers in general, but it is also one of the most popular Chicago Park District venues for weddings.  While couples may be relieved to hear that they will not need to find a new wedding venue, many will surely be saddened and disappointed about the extensive damage to the historic fern room and other glass-covered areas that are popular for weddings.

Garfield Park and its Conservatory are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  In 2008 its 100 year anniversary was celebrated, and with 184 acres it is one of the largest conservatories in the United States.

The community rallied 17 years ago to help the Conservatory recover from a devastating cold snap.  With local government funding likely to be scarce in this down economic time, it is certain that citizens giving a helping hand will again be essential in this recovery effort. 

Wedding Creativo just made a donation, and we hope our blog readers will also respond with a donation to the conservatory today.  A special page has been set up on their website where people can help.

Click here to go to the conservatory's website donation page:

New Law for Civil Unions in Illinois

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Today is an important day for many same-sex couples seeking equality under Illinois law.  The "Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act," which grants official civil unions for same-sex and opposite-sex couples in this state, goes into effect today June 1, 2011. 

This new state law will recognize civil unions in Illinois, however, it should be noted that it is still a separate distinction from "marriage" in this state.  Illinois will also now automatically recognize same-sex marriages and civil unions that are legally joined in other states.

Starting today in Illinois, spouses joined in a civil union will now be afforded many of the same benefits and protections as traditionally married couples.  Some of the main protections include:

·        Spousal recognition in regard to property, inheritance, estate other financial matters
·        Medical and healthcare rights including access to information, decision-making, hospital visitation
·        Ability for joint filing of ILLINOIS STATE income taxes
·        Access to spousal employment benefits for state public employees
·        Health insurance coverage for partners and children
·        State benefits with regard to death or disability of a spouse

While this is a big step forward, there are several important areas where the new law will fall short for civil union spouses.  For better insight into difficulties couples may still face, Wedding Creativo interviewed Catherine D. Battista, an attorney with the Argento Law Group, P.C., a firm providing legal services for marriage contracts and estate financial planning. 

Catherine D. Battista, Argento Law Group

Battista said couples entering into civil unions should be informed about legal limitations of the new Illinois law.  She pointed out several key areas where civil union spouses will not have the same benefits and protections as traditional married spouses, largely due to differences between Illinois state and federal laws, as well as other individual state laws.  Currently, Illinois civil unions will not be recognized by the federal government, which only recognizes traditional marriage as defined by the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).  Some of the main areas of concern pointed out by Battista include:



·        Federal income taxes cannot be filed jointly by IL civil union spouses.  Federal filings will need to still be done separately with individuals designated as "single."

·        Social security benefits are federal, so they are unavailable for those in civil unions.

·        Federal employee benefits and pensions will not be available to partners, even if the spouse is employed at a federal agency in Illinois.

·        With regard to property, if someone owns property in another state that does not recognize civil unions, difficulties may arise for same-sex spouses unless they have made special legal arrangements.

·        With regard to parental rights and child guardianship there are some areas where couples may be covered under Illinois law, but Battista stated that there are far greater areas for potential problematic concerns.  She advises all couples to seek legal advice when entering into a marriage or civil union, but stresses this is especially important when children are involved.

When it comes to actually planning a civil union in Illinois, there is now a legal process for couples. For Chicago area residents, basic information is available on the Cook County civil unions website page. The website for Equality Illinois also has comprehensive information on their Civil Unions page.   For the event celebration, there are many vendors in Chicago and across Illinois who welcome business from same-sex couples, including Wedding Creativo.  Good online wedding planning resources for civil union celebrations include, and

It is worthwhile to mention that there may be certain businesses that may not be interested in providing services for civil unions.  When we asked Battista about potential concerns regarding access to professional event services, she pointed out that while religious organizations are not bound to anti-discrimination laws (the law specific to sexual orientation anti-discrimination went into effect January 1, 2006 in Illinois), for the most part consumers should be protected by existing state laws.  However, since the majority of wedding vendors are small business owners, the laws may be regarded as unduly burdensome in specific cases.  So, it is advised to seek out companies that welcome same-sex civil unions.

Because same-sex marriage is still a controversial issue for some citizens in Illinois, it is possible that future legislation in opposition of the new law may arise, so it is important for same-sex couples to stay informed about their rights.

Also, while attention around the new law is being focused on same-sex couples, it is also available to opposite sex couples.  Battista said that a civil union may actually be more beneficial for certain opposite-sex couples than a traditional marriage, especially in the case of widowers who are now entering into a new committed relationship. 

For more legal information about traditional marriage and civil union planning, couples may contact Catherine Battista directly at (847) 628-8305 or email  The Argento Law Group office is located in Elgin, IL.

Tomorrow, June 2, many couples are expected to take part in the City of Chicago's civil union ceremony celebration in Millennium Park at 10:00 a.m.

Article written by and © Sarah Toulouse, Wedding Creativo

Happy Mother's Day 2011

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Happy Mother's Day to all of our mommies out there.  We always love when our wedding couples come back to visit us with their cutie bambini. We had so much fun with these recent family and children portrait sessions. Jeannie and Nick came for a winter holiday portrait session with thier adorable son Winston. Jennifer and Jim (who just celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary in March! wow, how time flies!), had a spring session with their lovely girls, big sister Tessa and her new little sister Sadie.  They're all so cute!

© Giorgio Ventola / Wedding Creativo

Wedding Creativo @ Indie Wed 2011

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Wedding Creativo Photography had so much fun with all of the folks that came out to the wonderful Indie Wed show. Our "buona fortuna" booth theme was inspired by Venice Carnivale and a deck of fifteenth century Italian tarot cards that we have. We passed out our own "buona fortuna" (good luck) fortune cards that were hanging on our fortune tree, and were very inspired to hear about all of the cool plans couples are coming up with for their weddings.  Our masked bride wore a beautiful gown by Alice Padrul Bridal Couture.

Vintage style frames added to our collection

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We've added two new lines of vintage style frames to go along with our standard print ordering options.  Clients will now see these in the "Framed Prints" section in the menu of options available when ordering prints in their online galleries.  Here are pictures of the three framing styles we offer in online, but we still also do custom framing on request as well.  A reminder that our cut-off date for holiday print orders is Monday, December 6. 

See more about our framing services on our albums and display site Creativo Couture.

Just in time for Black Friday....our improved new shopping cart!

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We are very excited about the improved new shopping cart interface on our online gallery site.  This is where our clients' weddings are hosted for viewing and professional print orders.   The updated cart works much faster, has options more clearly organized, and when you click on any type of print it will give a discription to the left.  I think the best improvement is the "back to gallery" and "keep browsing" buttons which allow for quick return to the gallery to continue browsing/shopping for additional prints.  This is MUCH faster than how it used to work.  Now you will only be taken to the check-out/payment screen when you are completely finished adding items to your cart and click "checkout" --  Yay!

The new shopping cart is now active on all of our clients galleries, so those with weddings and portrait sessions on our site may give it a whirl.   If anyone would like to order prints to have in time for this holiday season, please be sure to place your order no later than Monday, December 6, 2010 so your order may be processed and shipped to you before December 22. 

Here is a screenshot of our new and improved shopping cart!

FYI - as with with all of our services, we fulfill all print orders directly so there are NEVER any third-party or outsourced customer service strangers to be encountered when placing orders.  I (Sarah) am the administrator of our client proofing site and personally handle every print order.  I also perform advanced processing for each image file to prepare them for professional printing.  If anyone has any questions, special requests for touch-ups/photoshopping or conversions to b+w, just contact us at our regular email address, which is also included on the proofing site and in the product descriptions for any family or guests that might have questions when placing orders.  Happy shopping!

WPJA award for Giorgio

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We are happy about Giorgio placing in the most recent contest for the WPJA - Wedding Photojournalist Association.   Giorgio decided to join the WPJA earlier this year, which is an international organization representing professional wedding photojournalists.  Each quarter they have a contest and winners are always representative of some of the best work by photographers around the world!   After just a few months as a member, Giorgio placed in the top 10 in the "Getting Ready" category for the Q2 2010 contest.   Here is the winning image, which is from Helen and Daniel's wedding in Italy this past June....just a wonderful moment between the bride's father and her son...grandpa and grandson.

© Giorgio Ventola Inc.


Transformers 3...don't let the door hit ya on the way out!

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Earlier this summer when Transformers 3 was filming in Chicago it was kind amusing for the the first few days in mid July.  Then it seemed like they would never leave the city as major street closures and filming detours continued though the beginning of September!  And the city allowing them to shut down during peak traffic times on major commuter streets, like they did on Wacker 5pm....on a Friday!?!?  Come on, really?!?!  Even though it was cool that we actually got to "crash" the set during one of our weddings, during the weeks that followed it was not so much fun when it seemed like we were being shadowed by the production crew, which made wedding day travel more difficult than usual.   (We were sorry to hear what ultimately caused them to wrap "early" and hope the woman who got injured on the set gets better soon.) For all of the trouble it caused, it better be the best summer blockbuster movie ever.

Anyway, it was a good reminder to always check the City of Chicago's Transportation page a few days before your wedding for any unexpected closures around your venues.

© Wedding Creativo Photography