Transformers 3...don't let the door hit ya on the way out!

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Earlier this summer when Transformers 3 was filming in Chicago it was kind amusing for the the first few days in mid July.  Then it seemed like they would never leave the city as major street closures and filming detours continued though the beginning of September!  And the city allowing them to shut down during peak traffic times on major commuter streets, like they did on Wacker 5pm....on a Friday!?!?  Come on, really?!?!  Even though it was cool that we actually got to "crash" the set during one of our weddings, during the weeks that followed it was not so much fun when it seemed like we were being shadowed by the production crew, which made wedding day travel more difficult than usual.   (We were sorry to hear what ultimately caused them to wrap "early" and hope the woman who got injured on the set gets better soon.) For all of the trouble it caused, it better be the best summer blockbuster movie ever.

Anyway, it was a good reminder to always check the City of Chicago's Transportation page a few days before your wedding for any unexpected closures around your venues.

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