Tabitha and Matthew Engagement: One Luftballon

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Tabitha and Matthew's spring engagement session reminded me of Albert Lamorisse's classic 1956 French film The Red Balloon.  It is a simple but sweet movie about a boy and a balloon that seems to have a personality of its own. There is almost no dialogue, so you don't really need to understand French to appreciate the film. 

from criterion.comI suppose a similar notion is true with couples in love. There is an unspoken language of understanding and appreciation. 

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Wedding Creativo Daily Photo: 05.31.2010

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Jeannie and Nick actually met at a Halloween party, and wanted to somehow incorporate that significance into their wedding.  They had the brilliant idea to transform their reception at the Knickerbocker Hotel into a masquerade ball, which was a big hit with their guests.  They hid Venetian masks under the chairs and about midway through the reception the groom announced the surprise theme during his thank you speech.  It was certainly a night everyone will remember.

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 Creative bride Jeannie found inspiration for her reception in writer Truman Capote's masquerade parties from the 1950s and 1960s:

Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra - from For Those About To Shop

A masked Truman Capote, from Apartment TherapyCapote's 1966 Masquerade Ball at the Plaza Hotel, NYC, (that's Candice Bergen behind the bunny mask) - from Apartment Therapy