Wedding Photography FAQ: What is professional image processing?

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I think professional image editors (including us) must have a bit of OCD.  It takes a lot of patience and focus to get the results we find satisfactory, especially on more challenging images.  Competent and consistent image editing/processing is one way really good photographers set themselves apart from the pack.  Finding a photographer that is equally talented at processing as they are at shooting is well worth the investment that hiring an experienced professional typically costs. 

If high quality wedding (and portrait) photography is a priority for you, and something you're able to make as one of your top wedding expenses (around 10-15% of total budget), this is one wedding cost that most couples do not regret later when they receive outstanding wedding pictures that they cherish for generations.

Overall, Wedding Creativo aims for images to have a polished look, without being over-processed or gimmicky, especially for portraits.  Our goal is for images to NOT appear re-touched, but rather look more natural.  We think the pictures below show a good example of processing work we did for a wedding day portrait.  We took this on a gray rainy day in front of the legendary Wrigley Field, which unfortunately had tons of paper, garbage and cigarette litter all around.  (If Chicago had some kind of sidewalk cleaning crew, our jobs would be so much easier, ha ha.)

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