Wedding Photo of the Week: Have Fun No Matter What

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Attention wedding sure to bring loads of fun on your big day! 

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With all of the months (often well over a year) of hard work involved with planning your wedding, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the process and forget that this whole thing is about having a special celebration with your sweetheart and all of your favorite people in the world. 

We always tell couples, no matter what, just have fun.  Marissa and Alex were great at espousing this attitude.  Drenching thunderstorms rolled through right at the time we were scheduled to head out to the park for their bridal party and family portraits.  While we waited out the storm (and on the way to plan B), the couple decided to make a stop at a store for some quick refreshments. Let's just say we all got swept away with having way more fun than anyone should have in a supermarket.  But, the bottom line, they didn't let the storms ruin their wedding day fun.

Expect the unexpected, and often when we improvise off of the planned schedule it can be one of the most memorable parts of the day.