Bridesmaids Invitation Cards Winners Announced

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Thanks to everyone who responded to our giveaway of the Bridesmaids Invitation Cards, courtesy of Rifle Paper Co. We had a lot of responses and here is what you all had to say in response to our poll questions:

60% are having a smaller bridal party with their closest friends/family

30% are having a large traditional bridal party with family/friends from a wider social circle

10% are just having a Maid of Honor and Best Man

The majority of brides who answered our survey (totally unscientific by the way, it is just for fun) are choosing their sister as the Maid of Honor.  There were a few choosing their best friends, but we didn't ask if they have sisters or not.  Some have not decided yet, and were having a tough time not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings.

Tomorrow we'll wrap up our "Bridesmaids Week" with a fun post that might help with the decision.  However, it seems sisters are the ones most brides are calling on for help.  It was nice to read about the bonds that sisters have for one another.  Here are a few of our favorite answers to the question about choosing the Maid of Honor:

"My sister is 3 years younger than me and pretty much since we even knew what a wedding was when we were younger she knew she would be my maid-of-honor. My 3 lifelong best friends will be included as my bridesmaids. As much as I would have loved to have all of my closest friends in my wedding I needed to think of our budget and only have a small wedding party." -- Danielle, getting married in November 2012

"My little sister will be my maid of honor, because she's my sister! I would feel terrible not having her in a special role. Plus, she'll give a great speech! That said, my best friend will be the "matron" of honor and she'll be in charge of more of the organizational details. That's what she loves to do and she's great at it, so it's a good way to include her. Plus, my sister lives across the country and my best friend lives 10 mins from me, so it makes sense to have someone "on site" to help with a lot of the details. Plus last summer I was the officiant for my best friend's she owes me one ;)" -- a different Danielle, getting married in August 2012

"My sister is my MOH. Honestly there is no one else I would have picked. She is my only sister and it would be incomplete to not have her up there with me." -- Roseann, getting married in May 2012

So, out of all of the entries we randomly chose two winners....and they are:

Rebecca W., who is getting married in June 2012

Karen P., who is getting married in August 2012

Both are having their sister as their Maid or Matron of Honor.  Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone for participating.  We'll do something like this again soon, so stay tuned. ;-)