Anniversary Gift Idea: a unique moment framed

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Kyle and Steffanie recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary, (congratulations you two!) and to commemorate the special day, Kyle contacted us about a month in advance about making a special print for his lovely wife. 

Instead of a traditional wedding day portrait he picked out a small special moment that meant a lot to Steffanie.  You see, while she was getting ready on her wedding morning, this cute monarch butterfly landed on the window right in front of her.  It sat there for a few minutes giving her a big smile while she was getting her hair and makeup done.  It was a magic moment for her, and thankfully the little guy stayed on the window long enough for us to catch him grinning.

The best part about this story is that Steffanie contacted us a few weeks later wanting to order this same picture! We had to come up with an elaborate rouse to try and stall her to not spoil Kyle's surprise, which I knew was going to be disappointing at the time, but that soon enough her husband was going to get lots of kisses on their anniversary and that she would understand what the deal was.  We all had a great laugh, and most of all, it was great to see how these newlyweds were so in tune with each other's heartstrings.

It is always wonderful when something unexpected happens to make a wedding day all the more special, and these little surprise moments are sometimes the things that people remember most about their day.  It is a great idea to have something like this as a unique way to look back on the wedding, and makes for a fantastic anniversary gift!