Summer Wedding Fashion Trends: Seersucker Suits

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Happy July!  As we get ready to head into one of the hottest weekends of the year and lots of Independence Day fun, we would like to salute the leading fabric of coolness . . . seersucker.

Earlier this week we gave some tips on keeping cool at summer weddings, and with seersucker fabrics you can accomplish that both literally and figuratively.  Seersucker suits and dresses don't seem to ever go out of style, but we've seen them increasingly more at weddings over the last few seasons.

While many of us might associate this fabric with good old fashioned American summers, as much as baseball and southern gentlemen with great fashion sense, we actually have our friends to the east to thank for these cool threads.

The word seersucker derives from the Persian word "shir o shekar," which means "milk and sugar."   It was a common material used in the British colonial period among their warmer weather colonies.  With the British having a keen eye for fashionable fabrics, it is no wonder it eventually caught on among the British in the west.  Eventually during the world wars, seersucker was introduced in America, initially as an inexpensive fabric primarily used by working class families.  However, in the 1920s college students began wearing seersucker outfits, and ever since then it seems to have always been a summertime favorite among fashionable folks.

It is always wonderful for us to see seersucker suits and dresses at our couples' summer weddings:

For men, seersucker suits are always cool and stylish. 


For women, we love the relaxed and retro feeling. And really, who says suits are only for men? We love these summer seersucker women's suits for wedding guests, and maybe even bridesmaids!


And, seersucker outfits for kids are possibly the cutest things on earth!