Hold The Wedding Kiss! 10 Seconds in Heaven

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If you learned anything playing 7 minutes in heaven at any teenage parties, we think you should apply that experience on your wedding day....except this time you don't have to go in a closet. 

The "wedding kiss" is one of the most iconic moments of any wedding day, and sometimes that moment goes all too fast.  We love to see couples take a few seconds to gaze deeply into each others eyes while their marriage is officially being pronounced.  Then, when they hear those words "you may kiss the bride," it is always wonderful when that kiss is anything more than a nanosecond peck.  Optimally, you'll be so filled with joy and love for your new spouse that you'll naturally have a long passionate kiss.  However, if you are going to be conscious about the kiss, it is a good idea to remember to hold it for at least a few seconds.

From our perspective as photographers, we can also have a more solid opportunity to capture this all important moment if you give us a nice long kiss to photograph.  I think our recent couple Cat and Matt may have set a record.  When I checked the time coded on the image files, apparently their kiss lasted a whopping 12 seconds! We were able capture 16 sweet shots of the moment. That's love, I tell ya!

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...1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi....or count the fireworks going off in your head

Best of all, this is likely something the two of you would enjoy practicing before the wedding day.  Also, there is no reason why married couples still can't play the kissing game! Grab your sweetheart and go in the closet for seven minutes of heaven today!