Alternative Wedding Registries for Modern Newlyweds

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Many couples already have their domestic essentials, but still need the support of family and friends after the wedding.  Here are several suggestions for alternative registries and gift ideas for modern newlyweds that don't need another toaster or crock pot.

Cultural / Entertainment:

Chicago Art Institute of Chicago Gift Membership

Steppenwolf Theater Gift Certificate

Chicago Theater / Broadway in Chicago Gift Certificate

AMC Movie Theater Gift Cards

iTunes gift certificates

  Apple iTunes

Food and Drink:

Chicago's own Foodie Registry

Mr. Beer Brewing Kit

Wine Enthusiast Gift Registry


Honeyfund Registry

Honeymoon Wishes Registry

Charitable Giving:

I Do Foundation

Changing the Present

Green / Environmental / Sustainable / Free Trade Registries:

Alternative Gift Registry

Living Green Wedding Registry

Green Feet

Uncommon Goods Gift Registry icon


The Other Green -- Cash:

Deposit A Gift 

Our Wishing Well

Real Estate:

Down Payment Dreams Registry

Feather Our Nest


Wellness / Health / Sports:

REI Registry

Time To Spa Gift Card icon Gift Certificate icon

Home Improvement / Gadgets: Registry

Home Depot Gift Card

Sharper Image Gift Certificate icon


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