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Wedding Portraits on Chicago Rooftops

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One of Creativo's signature portraits that we love to produce for many of our couples is from the vantage point of amazing rooftops, terraces and decks. 

© Wedding Creativo Photography

© Wedding Creativo Photography

© Wedding Creativo Photography

© Wedding Creativo Photography

How are we able to accomplish this for many of our clients, for over two decades? We'll that is part of the work we do as professional photographers.

To any up-and-coming photographers that might stumble upon this post, our free advice...our work never involves us just showing up at a private business or venue without permission.  We never just go and "ask forgiveness later."  That isn't hard to do, and that might work often enough in the short run.

However, "asking forgiveness later" also puts your professional credibility at risk in potentially disappointing your clients. And also, if you plan to be in the game for more than a few years, that is the single best way to burn bridges with other professionals that you will need to rely upon if you plan to go back to your favorite locations more than a few times over the course of your career.

Catherine and Nick's Wedding

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As a commercial airline pilot, groom Nick is quite accustomed to spending time up in the clouds.  The couple make California their home, but the bride's roots are in Chicago, specifically, the Little Italy neighborhood.  They found the perfect spot to combine the bride's Italian heritage and Nick's affinity for breathtaking heights by having a rooftop wedding at the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame on Taylor Street.  The groom's English family wedding traditions were also present, including the lucky horseshoe.  Congratulations to Catherine and Nick, and of course we wish them buona fortuna!

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