Philppine wedding

Wedding Creativo Daily Photo: 05.13.2010

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For the 13th, we feature a picture from a lucky day we had during Candice and Bob's wedding a few years ago.  After their traditional Philippine Catholic ceremony, we stopped at the lake for some bridal party pictures before heading off to their reception at Chicago Marriott Schaumburg.  A big summer storm was approaching, so it was very hot and humid.  We thanked our lucky stars when this popsicle vendor strolled up.  The whole wedding party swarmed him and dug in their pockets to find enough change for sweet relief.  He was kind enough to give the bride and groom a couple frozen treats "on the house."  Thanks popsicle guy....wherever you are! We also finished with the bridal party portraits and got everyone on the shuttle bus right before the downpour of rain came, so we turned out to be double lucky on this day.

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