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A Traditional Spanish Wedding at St. Mary of the Angels

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Theresa and Guillermo live in Spain where the groom is a wine maker at a beautiful vineyard.  They celebrated their passion for the finer things in life, as well a their cultural heritage, at their summer wedding with family in Chicago. 

The ceremony was held at St. Mary of the Angels Catholic Church in Chicago, and incorporated many Spanish wedding traditions, including the groom's presentation of 13 gold coins or "arras", and the "padrinos" or godparents joining the couple together with a large rosary in a figure 8 loop to symbolize their union.

A Mariachi band entertained the guests at the Hilton Chicago reception.  The wedding cake had strings tied to charms baked into the layers, which the girls and women pulled out to see who got the lucky charm before the bride and groom cut the cake.  Lastly, for the guests' gifts, the groom selected a special vintage of wine for everyone to take home a bottle that commemorated their lovely wedding day.

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