2011 wedding trends

Five trend predictions for 2011 weddings

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While we always encourage couples to follow their hearts over trends when it comes to making wedding planning decisions, it doesn't hurt to see if some of the popular trends offer something to compliment your own great ideas.

Here is the buzz on five trends we think will be spotted at weddings in 2011.

1. Hot pink hues in honeysuckle, hibiscus, and fuchsia will keep fashions and themes flushed with bold and bright color.

2. Along with the fashion colors, it is likely that actual honeysuckle, hibiscus and peony flowers will also be prevalent in bouquets and decor.


3. Large flowers are making more appearances as single-flower "bouquets."   Big blooms such as a stargazer lily or sunflower can take the starring role as a single flower, but also crafty artisans have been making single-flower fabric inspirations for brides to carry, such as this one on the right from Petal and Print.


4. Grays have been making a strong appearance in bridesmaid dresses, shoes, grooms suits and wedding decor for about two years now, and since it works great as a base to make other more subtle colors stand out like lavender, pale yellow and light pink, we're sure to continue to see hues of pewter, slate and smoky grays in 2011.


5. With the entire last century as inspiration, it is no wonder that vintage wedding styles have been so strong over the last few years.  With the popularity of the hit TV show Boardwalk Empire, it seems the roaring 1920s and 1930s of the Prohibition era may have a turn at bringing vintage weddings under the influence in 2011. Look for fellas with Fedora hatsjewlery with Art Deco flair, and possibly even separate vice lounges at receptions where some guests may partake in poker games, cigar smoking, glasses of whiskey and other decadent indulgences. Hopefully guests won't forget that the bride and groom's parents will be in the next room.